We take pride in the quality of our classrooms and teachers. Teachers and assistants for classrooms are listed below. Want to know more about your child’s teacher? Staff bios can be found on our About page.

Classroom Staff
Newborns Aubrey Guillen, Courtney Seifert
Infants Eliza Weiters, Courtney Seifert, Abby Wallis
Toddlers Ellie West, Salem Jessup, Taylor Brown
Two’s  Makenna Dawdy, Kylee Cully, Taylor Brown
Pre-K 1 Rachel Bandy, Kaylie Rowland, Jordan Hale
Pre-K 2 Christy Martin, Jordan (Jo) Black, Jordan Hale
School Age Tiffany Thompson, Kaelyn Buehrle
Office Lisa McQueen, Administrative Assistant
Eliza Weiters, Assistant Director
Kitchen Mary Powers, Director of Food Services
Float/Subs Luanne Loving, Heather Pidcock

updated 03-07-2023