Construction Announcement 7/26/19

Attention all Parents and Staff: Construction is about to begin at KKLC! Some of you have noticed and asked “What’s going on outside?” Well, we have been patiently waiting for the ground breaking day to arrive. We have decided that we have to expand our program. We have found that our only other option is to turn away enrollment for children after approximately age 8! No one wants that!! So, with that, we are expanding our program! We are adding on to our building to the West. Like all large projects, there are a lot of little things that have to take place before the first shovel of dirt can be moved. We have been working on these tasks for months now and the time has finally come. The excavator showed up today and most of the kids got to see it unload as they were on the playground when it arrived. We have purchased some of our neighbors property to allow us to build. Our plan is to have a 2nd school age room. We are also adding a Gross Motor Room (large indoor play area) for the kids to play in on those rainy days. We will also be moving our kitchen to the new addition. Our initial plan was to start this project in May. However, like I said, there are a lot of things to do before the first shovel of dirt can get moved. There are lots of people who have to sign off on the space, the final and most important, is DCFS. We do not have an anticipated opening date for our new addition, but we will let you know as soon as we know. There are lots of things happening at KKLC. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the office or call and talk to us anytime. We are here for you always!

Thank you for your support,

Kris & Stephanie Neuman